Supplying Your

Growing Business

Grow House Supply works with you to build your Cannabis Business.   

We offer building hardware, supplies, training and certification, and licensing and business consulting.

"Starting a Cannabis-based business in Michigan requires the due diligence of any other business. Successful entrepreneurs will not rush past the business basics."

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"Training your staff is not just smart: states require certification for workers in grow facilities and for medicinal and recreational marijuana dispensaries."

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"Technology advances are making connected and smart devices available for grow facilities, resulting in a smarter and more profitable operation."

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“I saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in lighting expense”

My business partners and I needed to find the best supplies at the lowest prices. Our investors were worried a out skyrocketing costs. The lighting that we found working with Grow House Supply beat all competitors, and made it possible for us to equip both facilities.

“getting my employees certified was a must in getting licensed”

Finding reliable employees was very difficult. And then getting them trained and certified added another layer. We were surprised and relieved to lean that you have a state-approved training program. All of our employees are certified and, in addition to the benefit of being trained, it made it made it possible for us to get licensed.

“The help I received made it possible to get my new business up and running”

Even though we had a great lineup of CBD products, the licensing process was overwhelming at first. Working with you helped us address each step and, in the end, we have a solid business plan and a great business.